I was raised to believe that my religion was the only true church. Somehow I interpreted that as, I’m right you’re wrong and that makes me better than you. I went with that attitude when I served a proselytizing mission for my church. Well you can image the reception I received; I got the door slammed in my face. The thought occurred to me that if I expected people to be open to my religion that I should give them the same respect. From that point on I showed respect for people’s beliefs and religion. I learned some about what they believed and it helped me better teach them. I learned more about myself and my own religion.

I think people are afraid that if they open their mind to other religions they will convert. My firmness in my religion is based on my personal relationship with God; it is not based on my closed-mindedness toward other religions.

The best way to learn about a religion is by asking one of its members. Try to focus on similarities in religions and not on the differences. The best way to create hatred toward religion is by keeping people ignorant of it. This is done by not allowing people to talk about it, for example “political correctness.”

Are we treating Muslims like Hitler treated the Jews?