Do you know what the number one killer in our society is? It’s not gangs, car wrecks, or even war. It’s heart disease , due to poor personal nutrition and lack of exercise. Our ignorance of nutrition is literally killing us. Even with world peace we would still have more casualties than we do with war. Nutrition is a lot like finance; it requires research and self-control. Don’t follow trendy diet fads, and remember loosing weight fast is not healthy. Proper diet and exercise is the best way to loose extra fat and be health.

Different Kinds of Fat

Work to decrease the amount of Saturated fat and Trans fat in your diet. Remember that the hydrogenation of fat converts unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fat such as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and Omega-3 fatty acid are healthy fats.


Water is underestimated, it is a good way to cleanse the inner body; drink it.


Fiber is essential. Read labels, find it, and eat it. The closer the food is to its natural condition the better it is for you: unrefined, raw, and whole. Some products say, “Whole grain”. However, the ratio is not natural. You need to check the fiber content; the higher the better.


Remember, variety is the spice of life. A diet program that excludes one or more of the food groups, unless proscribed by your doctor, is NOT a good idea. Try to include foods from all of the food groups in each meal.

Be Patient with Yourself

Don’t go cold turkey or try something extreme at first, because you’ll just quit. Try to implement good nutrition slowly and get used to it. Once you start feeling the effects then you’ll want to continue. This goes the same for exercise.


There are a lot of trendy exercise programs and products. Just pick something and follow it. The key to exercise is actually doing it and the hardest part about exercise is doing it regularly, there are no shortcuts. If you simple think you don’t have enough time to exercise then eat less saturated fat.