My Credentials

I have no worldly credentials; I don’t even have a degree.

I do use the pen name “Dr Zog”, but I’m not a real doctor. I’ve never even played one on TV.

My only credential is that I know I speak the truth.
And the only way you can verify that I speak the truth is by opening your mind, removing yourself from the rush of the world, and take a deep long look inside yourself. It’s not fast and easy, but it’s easier than earning a doctorate and you just might learn something along the way.
What if you were a contemporary with Noah? One day a friend comes to you and says, “You’ve got to check out this crackpot building a huge boat.” You follow, out of curiosity, and see an old man with a long gray beard preaching something like the end of the world. You listen and feel something inside, but your friends continue to mock the old man. There you have a choice; you can follow your heart (like Napoleon Dynamite) or you can give into the peer pressure, of your so called friends. Only to find out, while drowning, that the old man was right.

Truth is independent of man

Truth is a universal constant and totally independent of man. Man does not define it, create it, or change it. Just because someone with a doctorate says something doesn’t make it true. Just because someone wins a debate doesn’t make them right. Just because someone is an eloquent speaker doesn’t mean you should follow them.

Blinded by society

We have fallen for the same thing described in the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. We have become blind to the truth. We have been socially conditioned to think and act a certain way. We have been told what to want, what to accept, and what is truth.

When I bring this to your attention, your first response is denial. The first step is to accept that we have been blinded. Next is the part that really hurts. We are not blind because someone has been controlling us, like in the movie The Matrix or the novel Brave New World; we are blind because of our own lazy ignorance. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We are at a time in history when the most information is available to us, and yet we are the most ignorant.

I am ignorant. Every one of us has some degree of ignorance and hypocrisy. However, don’t be complacent about ignorance. Always actively try to learn more about yourself and the world around.