Our society is the richest on earth, we are also the most in debt, and we are very ignorant on how finance works. Financial burdens can create unneeded pressure in family relations.

First, don’t work to get-rich-quick. Finance is about research and using self-control. There’s nothing wrong with money or being rich, but don’t let it be your first priority.

There are a lot of good books out right now about how to be rich, I suggest you pick one, read it, and follow the principles outlined.


Those who understand it earn it; those who don’t pay it.


Saving is good, but it won’t get you rich.


Investing can get you rich, but it won’t make you happy.

Acceptable debt

A conservative house, a conservative car, and education.

Credit Card debt

Credit Cards are not bad, but if you plan to use them you need to know how they work and use self-control.

Debt Consolidation

Overall it’s smart to consolidate your debt if you do it for the purpose of becoming debt-free. If you do it so you can spend more money then it’s pointless. There are a lot of good organizations designed to help you get out of debt, but there are also a lot of bad companies that look like good organizations. Be cautious and do your homework.

Knowing and Fixing your Credit Score